Press release – Restructure Announcement Sweden

Weir Mineral Sweden – Restructure Announcement

I am writing to advise that a re-structuring programme is to be implemented within our business in Sweden to align our activities in the territory with the strategic plan and meet the needs of our Swedish customers.

Currently, the Swedish organisation is based in Gällivare, northern Sweden, which historically has been centred on general maintenance activities. Since 2015, several maintenance contracts have been ended and consequently the profit level required to sustain the current organisation has not been achieved. Additionally, the business model is not structured to support and deliver the customer focused solutions strategy of the wider business.

A number of key changes are required to align the business to deliver the strategy and become a long-term profitable business that will ensure job security and growth.

To help deliver growth, new facilities have recently been opened in Avesta and Skellefteå, to place us closer to our key customers in areas of our interest in Sweden.

The existing business in the north will also be evaluated and re-structured to deliver a more customer focused organisation around Weir Mineral products and total solutuons. We will be reviewing both the facility and the personnel required to meet the business objectives.

Despite a challenging process ahead, we are confident the changes will deliver a profitable, customer focused organisation in Sweden to drive long term business growth.


Jan Peter van Leeuwen

Managing Director, Weir Minerals Europe